Grace Library

We now have a small library for members and attendees to be able to borrow books.

You can view a catalog of the collection at .

There is a clipboard on the kids/teens bookshelf where you can write down items as you check them out. Place your returns in the blue bin so they can get returned to their place on the shelf. There is no limit to how long you keep the books, but it is asked that you return them as soon as you’re able so others can borrow them.

Donations are happily accepted. Give Jill any items you wish to donate to the library so they can be added to the online catalog prior to being placed on the shelves.

Most sections are sorted in alphabetical order by author’s last name. Exceptions:
– Kids picture books and faith (no particular order yet)
– Bible Reference and Bible Study (general Bible books are first followed by studies of specific people/books in order of when they appear in the Bible)
– Biography (alphabetical order by the person they are written about)